Bobby Blue

With two albums under his belt Bobby Blue is getting a new band on the road.

“Now’s the time to make popular a sophisticated style of music, especially for our international audiences” he said.

“And if the mountain can’t come to Mohammed, we’re going to take it out there”

Equally at home on guitar, piano and his 5-string electric bass, Bobby combines many genres of music into his original compositions, singing with his deep voice and gently rapping his lyrics.

The songs are coming from love, featuring fusions of fluent guitar genius flowing through the flavours of electric jazz, South Indian table drum rhythms, mellow saxophones, flutes, piano and drums, even the vibrations of didgeridoo, tropical steel drums and almost mesmerizing, meditational music.

Pioneering the Fijian jazz-rock genre and it’s depth of soulful awareness, Bobby Blue Shankaran’s first album into the Sun features 13 original tracks fusing these styles while guitar inspiration oscillates between the likes of Wes Montgomery, George Benson, Lee Ritenaur and Pat Metheney among others.

Bobby’s second album Pele: Divine Passion features a highly polished band travelling through five more original tracks.

“It’s now time for me to bring my music out live, there’s an interaction between musicians that make every live gig different and special, it’s quite different from the studio approach” Bobby said.

The new band includes another bassist so Bobby can play his guitars and switch over to bass guitar at will, creating a funky two-bass lineup.

All this with piano, drums and a variety of saxophones and flutes.

The tropical format of steel drums take the music into another dimension.